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 Dr Jennifer Barnes

I am a qualified psychologist with over 30 years experience. I work with adults, couples, teenagers and children.

Presenting Problems:

I work with people suffering from a range of problems. These include depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship issues, family problems, and general difficulites with everyday living. 


 Medicare Rebates:

I am registered with Medicare and therefore clients with referrals (Medicare's Better Access Initiative) from their Doctors (GP's) are eligible for a rebate of approximately $88.25 per session.

 Number of Sessions:

 The number of sessions varies between clients. Medicare rebates are available for 10 sessions per calendar year (January to December). At present, there are an additional 10 COVID rebatable session per calendar year.

Practice Hours:

Tuesday to Friday:  12 noon to 7pm.

Practice locations.


Preston: PH: 94714124 or 0401082653

Telehealth via Zoom